Can You Count on the Roof Over Your Head?

Can You Count on the Roof Over Your Head?

Trust us with your roof installation in Fairburn & College Park, GA

Your roof is one of the most important features of your home. When it comes to constructing a new roof, choose a contractor who can achieve the style you want for your Fairburn & College Park, GA home-a contractor who uses the right materials and techniques for the job.

SAFG Roofing, Inc. specializes in rubber, metal, asphalt and flat roof installation, and we use sturdier materials than run-of-the-mill 15-pound felt. Our materials allow for good ventilation, leak barrier protection and ice and water shielding. We can also install a GAF ridge vent to keep warm, damp air from accumulating under your roof.

We offer 30-year warranties on our shingles and 10-year warranties on our labor for residential roofing projects in Fairburn & College Park, GA. You can rely on our materials and skill to make your residential roofing project a lasting success.

Why it's important to get it right the first time

To protect everything inside your home, your roof needs to be well-constructed using quality materials.

A sturdy roof enhances:

  • Your family's safety
  • Your possessions' security
  • Your home's energy-efficiency
  • Your home's curb appeal
  • Your home's property value

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